Jonny Jones wins the 2016 Innovate Award!


Innovate Award Nomination #1
Galaxy, Inc. - The Electron Exciter Energizes with Electrons

The Electron Exciter employs an arc that can ignite the nitrogen, oxygen, and other gases in the air with the result being a bright white light.  This light is produced with less than 2,500 watts at the secondary with 13 amps, 3 phase at the primary.  This arc, though low in amperage and wattage, is no doubt the most powerful Electron Exciter in the world.  When the electrons pass through the air from one electrode to the other, the power from the arc can heat, treat, vaporize, ignite steam, convert atomized water to gas (hydrogen, oxygen), separate precious metals from pulverized ore, melt precious metals, and expose gold and other precious metals from sand that bears these metals.  The temperature of the arc is very low, less than 2,500 watts.  However, when something is put into the arc the electrons will cause the object to rapidly heat resulting in the treating, heating, vaporizing, etc.  We have not been able to find an instrument capable of

Innovate Award Nomination #2
GWI Engineering - StrongARM machine

StrongARM - Automatic Rivet Machine - This machine was developed for the commercial truck brake shoe relining industry. The previous Industry Standard machine could only upset 2 rivets per cycle, with an operator responsible for accurately re-positioning the shoe for each successive row. This was very labor intensive and dangerous. Also, change overs between various rivet spacing's were time consuming. Our machine changes over in seconds, automatically at the touch of a button. The StrongARM machine is a fully programmable servo driven machine that can feed and upset 4 rivets per row, index and repeat. Subsequently, the machine operates at approx. 1/2 the cycle time and produces a superior assembly. In fact, 1 operator can actually operate 2 machines since finished parts are auto-unloaded out the back of the machine.

Innovate Award Nomination #3
Motus Integrated Technologies - Machine Vision Fabric Texture Validation
by Christopher Wasel

Current production sunvisors utilize what is called “Prism” fabric knit.  Newly launching similar sunvisors will use the same color of “Lyric” fabric knit.  To the naked eye, the two materials are very similar until you look very closely.  Even with inventory controls established, the risk of accidentally using the incorrect knit texture was high as is the risk of not identifying the mistake until hundreds or more vehicles already have the product installed. This could result in containment, field sorts, or worse.  We needed a solid way to validate the fabric prior to shipment.

Click here to see full PDF of machine vision validation.