Thanks for your interest in exhibiting at AME 2018!

Each booth cost $1195 and includes a 10x10 skirted booth, 2 chairs, 1 skirted table, 2 meal tickets, 1 private exhibitor party tickets, 110 ac power, fork truck if needed, lead generation software, and ability to setup/tear down your own booth.  If you're in both locations, the booth price drops to $995 each.

* Also checkout the marketing options to advertise in the 43,000 copies of the
AME program.  Earn $100 credit for advertising in this program.  See the Advertising option under the exhibitor menu for more details.

Please fill out the following form to begin the registration process for 2018.

Novi, MI - August 21st 2018
Grand Rapids, MI - August 23rd 2018

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