Sizing Electric Cylinders 108 - $295

1-Day Course: Wednesday, January 18th, 2017 from 9AM - 3PM

Location: Industrial Control In Zeeland, MI

Bagels & Lunch Included


Attendees will learn how to perform sizing calculations based on how the cylinder will be moving the load. The technology is moving towards pre-engineered packages devices that are less expensive but, are reliable and suitable for only specific tasks.  Students will be able to select the optimum cylinder based on a mathematical sizing analysis of the requirements.

Who Should Attend

Machine designers, builders, maintenance personnel, engineers who need to select appropriate electric cylinder systems for a machine.  Electric cylinders are more reliable, require much less energy, and provide many more precise moves than pneumatic cylinders.   This will help them avoid the pitfalls of selecting the wrong unit for the job.


Topics Covered

Describe the motion

  • Fast operation, transporting heavy loads
  • Press-fit and rotation,
  • Moves over long distances
  • Using multiple slides on the same platen
  • Push, grip, and rotate
  • Multi-axis control needs

Define Model Specification

  • Table, gripper and table/arm types
  • Size and Shapes considerations
  • Normal, cleanroom, and poor environments

Devices Covered

  • Slider and Rod types
  • Pneumatic Cylinders
  • Servo, pulse, and Linear motor systems

Technology Covered

  • Comparing electric to pneumatic cylinders
  • Describing multi-axis programing options
  • Advantages of pre-engineered systems


About the Instructor

Mr. Nick Azziz will have the Freedom to tweak each session to the specific needs of the students.  He also has the in-depth knowledge to address control engineer’s toughest questions because he works in the real world of emerging industrial factory automation every day.