Sensors & Connectivity 101 - $295

1-Day Course: Wednesday, NOVEMBER 30TH, 2016 from 9AM - 3PM

Location: Industrial Control in Zeeland, MI

Bagels & Lunch Included


Attendees of this one-day class will be able to identify the appropriate electronic sensor based on application parameters, choose the mating cordset and cable that will survive the environment, consolidate the wiring, and if necessary, digitize the signals to the PLC.

Who Should Attend

Machine designers, builders, maintenance personnel, engineers, or any other functional areas who want to learn about how to optimally design and set up a sensing system from point of detection to the controller.

Topics Covered

Point and Absolute Sensing

  • Single point (object detection) types and technologies, where to use which type, and how each one works
  • Linear and rotary absolute position detection types and technologies, where to use which type, and how each one works


  • Connector sizes, types, applications, wiring
  • Wiring consolidation options, techniques, and best practices
  • Cable jacket types and which materials hold up in certain environments

Distributed I/O

  • What an industrial network is, how it works, how and where each of the different protocols are used
  • How and where to use distributed control to lighten the PLC load

Devices Covered

  • Inductive Sensors 
  • Capacitive Sensors
  • Temperature, Pressure, & Flow sensors
  • Linear & Rotary Encoders
  • Level Sensing
  • Cylinder Position Sensors
  • Cordsets & Network Boxes


About the Instructor

Mr. Pete Goede, Corporate Trainer, Turck USA 

Pete has the in-depth knowledge to address control engineer’s toughest questions because he works in the real world of emerging industrial factory automation every day.