3D Machine Vision Bin Picking Solutions Comes to AME 2017

3D Machine Vision Bin Picking Solutions Comes to AME 2017

Advanced Manufacturing Expo (AME) signs Canon USA to exhibit featuring 3D Machine Vision to allow robots to grasp assorted parts from a bin.  Using a structured blue laser light, Canon identifies the parts on the top surface stack and delivers the coordinates to the robot for pick up.

The vision software uses a 3D CAD model of the bin, part, and robot gripper to mesh all three CAD models into one point cloud.  The software then requires you to define two grip points for the part.  Every camera inspection will return the best part location and grip position of the part to the robot.  The Canon software also provides the approach angle to the bin in order to help prevent the robot from colliding into the bin.  Canon stores the two best part locations for each inspection, so if the robot fails to pick up the part, the second-best part location and grip will be sent to the robot.

Industrial Control from Zeeland, Michigan was the first distributor for Canon USA as well as assisting them in building their USA distributor channels of other high-tech distributors throughout America.  

Canon USA is located in San Jose, California along with an office location in Detroit, Michigan.  Canon USA will be at booth 500 in Novi, Michigan on August 22nd and at booth 212 in Grand Rapids, Michigan on August 24th.  Both events are free to attend and open to the public. 

For more information on the show, access the website at www.advancedmanufacturingexpo.com or contact Mark Ermatinger at mark@industrialcontrol.com and (616) 836-5536.