Virtual Reality Comes to AME 2017

Advanced Manufacturing Expo (AME) signs Externa CGI as a new exhibitor featuring Virtual Reality and how industrial applications can be used.

Externa CGI uses animation and visualization into a premier CG animation, rendering, and Virtual Reality studio in order to understand processes, products, and services. “Whether still images or full animated production, Externa maintains focus on your story and how best to tell it.”

Brian Knapp, founder of company along with Jim Knapp, explains “Virtual Reality utilizes a pair of images, one for each eye, that are created with computer software to mimic reality. These images are “pre-rendered or rendered “real-time” depending on Point of Point Room Scale, respectively.”

“The technology can help almost everyone.” says Knapp. Virtual Reality technology can help salespeople, customers, Engineers, and Designers. Salespeople can find this technology useful in order to display various large machines without the actual machine. While Engineers can observe their designs in a “true life scale” though Virtual Reality.

Externa CGI, located in Grand Rapids MI, will be exhibiting at both of the shows, AME East on August 22nd in Novi MI and AME West on August 24th in Grand Rapids MI. Both events are free to attend and open to the public.

For more information on the show, access the website at or contact Mark Ermatinger at and (616) 836-5536.