AME 2017 signs new Exhibitor with self driving robots!

MiR Robots from Denmark, has joined the list of high technology manufacturers exhibiting at the Advanced Manufacturing Expo in Novi and Grand Rapids Michigan this August of 2017

MiR manufactures a robot that is programmed through a WiFi connection using a phone, tablet, or computer with a normal browser connection.  The robot uses a floor plan to navigate throughout the facility, delivering parts or supplies to any departments.  Since the MiR robot has the floor plan installed, it can determine the best route to its destination and if the is an obstacle, the MiR was navigate on its own around it.

It's payload on top of the robot is 100 kg max (228 lbs) or it can tow 300 kg (660 lbs) and travel up to 3 meters per second.  It can carry anything you design it for, such as a powered conveyor to load or unload totes of parts, or a locked cabinet for medical supplies or clean room parts.  It can tow heavy material out to the recycling area or haul linen back to be washed.

The MiR robot, uses safety lasers to scan for obstacles up to 60 feet in front, and behind the robot.  It can stop on a dime if someone walks in front of it.  The robot also uses a 3D Camera to help detect objects.  Using a bluetooth device, the MiR robot opens large loading doors to access certain parts of your plant and can close the door behind it.  The robot can even use the elevator and load a new floor map at its destination floor.

This robot will help alleviate tasks that are routine or heavy to push or pull for some people.

Watch this news story from WZZM 13 in Grand Rapids, MI from March 16, 2017