Machine Vision Technology 104 - $295

1-Day Course: Tuesday, November 22ND, 2016 from 9AM - 3PM

Location: Industrial Control in Zeeland, MI

Bagels & Lunch Included

Purpose of Training

This class is designed to teach 2D machine vision inspection solutions.  Students will learn to evaluate a project and determine how to tackle the inspection project.  This class primarily teaches best practices, but also includes hands-on exercises.  Laptop Computers are required.  

Who Should Attend

Individuals that intend to apply machine vision to reduce the manufacturing costs. 

Learn how to select the optimum cameras, lights, and lenses and then get the system up and running. This course develops a path for developing a custom machine-vision application.


Topics Covered

  • Determine inspection goals
  • Estimate the inspection time
  • Identify features or defects
  • Choose lighting & material handling technique
  • Choose the optics
  • Choose the image acquisition hardware
  • Develop a vision strategy
  • Calibrate & test the Inspection strategy
  • Develop an operator interface


About the Instructor

Mark Ermatinger, VP at Industrial Control will has the freedom to tweak each session to the specific needs of the students.  He is vision consultant with over 15 years of in-depth knowledge to address control engineer’s toughest questions.  He works in the real world of 2-D and 3D laser vision technology every day.