6/29/2018 Email to Exhibitors



  1. We are officially SOLD OUT!!
    The Novi Expo can expand as needed because of the floor space available, But we are out of space in Grand Rapids!   Novi has 103 booths, as compared to 95 in 2017, with the new Metal Working Hall sponsored by Creston Industrial Sales!  Grand Rapids has 214 booths, as compared to 155 in 2017, with the new Mechanical Hall sponsored by Motion Industries!
  2. Your booth numbers are listed on the website under each of the halls and at the bottom of this email. Attached are logos you can use to add to your website with your booth number. Also attached is a ½ page flier to post to Facebook and Linkedin with some comments.
  3. AME 2018 Official Program is 16 pages long again and will be handed out to every attendee and will be mailed to 40,000 customers. Advertising in the program is a great investment to help us and build your brand. Contact Renee Looman at MiBiz at 616-218-0892 or email at rlooman@mibiz.com and checkout the prices at http://www.advancedmanufacturingexpo.com/ad-opportunitites/. Also see attached order form.
  4. **SCAM WARNING** If you get an email trying to sell you the AME attendee or exhibitor list of names, you are being scammed.  We do not and have not sold the list of names to ANYONE.  If you see an email from Addison Parker with email address addisonparker.bde@gmail.com and phone number 1 518 551 5199 or from Lydia.Clarence@infoplanet-lead.com,  they are trying to illegally scam you.  Please forward any emails of this kind to me. They are using the website of www.Payoneer.com to funnel the money. 

    *** NEW Scam alert on 7/10/2018.  Watch out for Cambria Bartlett cambria_bartlett@eventzusa.biz and jillian.fox@eventzusa.biz and lauren_morris@elitedb.biz 

    *** NEW Scam alert on 7/11/2018.  Watch out for Tamara Rogers tamara@expolist.us 

    *** New Scam alert on 7/16.  Watch out for eamils form the following. lauren_morris@elitedb.biz and eric.stone@b2beventlist.com

    *** New Scam alert on 8/2.  angela.daniels@promailsolutions.com says we have 20,000 attendees coming to our show!!!!  Don't let her trick you out of the money.

    *** New Scam alert on 8/8. richard.folks@visitorslist.net  Richard Folks, Business Development Manager. VisitorsList Inc. 3080 Olcott St, Ste B220, Santa Clara| CA | 95054 Direct: 1-661-666-4920 Website: http://www.visitorslist.com/

    *** New Scam Alert on 8/09. Ruby lois <ruby.lois@expodatallc.com>

    *** New Scam Alert on 8/10
    Roselee Victoria <roselee.victoria@expolists.com>
    Marketing and Communications @ Global EXPO LIST

    *** New Scam Alert on 8/16 John Brown [mailto:john@e-onlinelist.com]

    *** NEW Scam Alert on 8/22 Becky Anderson <becky.anderson@correctlists.com>
  5. We have a New Lead Generation Software developed by Industrial Control. More information coming on how this works, but for the first step you will need the ability to read a QR code on your phone or tablet.  During the setup day, when you check in for your badge, we will help you scan a QR code that installs a cookie in your browser allowing you to scan attendee badges and enter secure notes into a Lead Generation Website that only your staff has the password to see and download.
  6. Please register the sales staff working the booth.  You only need to register for one show even if you are working both expo’s.  Flag the attendee type as “Exhibitor” in the drop down box so you will get all future notices for the show.    http://www.advancedmanufacturingexpo.com/register/
  7. Private Exhibitor Parties are now open for registration. In Novi, it will be held in the lunch area behind the event from 4:30-6:30 PM In Grand Rapids it will be on the upper level of the New Holland Brewery called the Knickerbocker (200 people max), same as last year, from 5:00-7:00 PM.  You must register to secure your entry and you will receive 2 drink tickets (max 4 tickets per company) and there will be some light food.  In GR, anyone that arrives after 5:45 PM will be considered a no-show, and we will let standby’s take your spot.  This is designed for key people from every booth to network, so try and limit your attendees to two people.  THIS will sell out fast in GR.

  8. We do list hotels near each event and we have arranged for discounts in the Novi area but not in GR
  9. Setup days are open from 1:00 PM to 5:00 PM again with fork truck service paid for by us.  If you plan on using the fork truck service, please be at the venues in the first two hours or you may need to pay for this service yourself.   In GR use the south shipping door by the entrance.  In Novi, use the North door by the highway.

Shipments of demos – In Novi you need to read the manual online and work with ArtCraft.  In GR you need to work with the DeltaPlex to pre-ship and store demos.  I am trying to get a truck setup to run from Novi and deliver in GR.  Please email me to get on this list to share this expense.  Mark@industrialcontrol.com

Both shows do not have carpeted.  In Novi, you will need to order it from ArtCraft, the show managers.  In GR you can bring carpet or order it from the Deltaplex.



Power is provided to each booth but it’s expensive, so help us reduce cost by emailing me if you don’t need it. Mark@industrialcontrol.com If you need high power or compressed air, you can order from BOCA (Suburban Showcase) in Novi or the DeltaPlex in GR.

10.  If you have not paid your invoice, please do so before July 20th, 2018 or forfeit you’re booth.
Contact Carrie Weighmink 616-931-1344 or carrie@industrialcontrol.com to arrange for payment.

11. If you would like a vegetarian sub option for lunch during the expo, please email Carrie@Industrialcontrol.com no later than August 3rd.  We provide 2 lunches per booth.  In Novi, lunch is a buffet style in the back of the show area.  In GR, it’s a box lunch with turkey sub, chips, water, and cookie.  These be delivered to your booth, so make sure everyone you register in advanced if you’re working the booth in GR and flag yourself as an exhibitor  http://www.advancedmanufacturingexpo.com/register  If you have more people working than 2, there is a concession stand at each location to purchase food.

12. If you have a good video you would like to feature on Facebook or Linkedin, please send it to me for review, along with a couple of paragraphs about it.  Here is a sample of last year’s boost.

For more information please contact Mark Ermatinger 616-836-5536