Are you working the booth at AME east or west?  
If so, this page is for you!

If you haven't completed the form below, please do in order to get your badge pre-printed.  We would like to keep official booth workers around two people, the rest of your sales staff should just register as a normal attendee and receive their badges at registration. Please hit the back key and repeat if registering more than one person on the form below.

Shipping Demos

If you want to pre-ship demos to either venue, please review exhibitor manual for each event for details.  The Novi venue is handled by a company called Artcraft and Grand Rapids is handled by the Deltaplex.

We made arrangements with Artcraft for those exhibitors starting at Novi to store and transport their demos to Grand Rapids on Wednesday before 1 pm setup time. To order this service, please refer to the Novi Exhibitor Manual.  After the Grand Rapids show on Thursday, you can work with the Deltaplex to ship your demos back to your office.  See the GR Exhibitor Manual to order this.

Move in day

Setup hours are from 1 pm - 5 pm and tear down is from 3 pm - 5 pm on expo days.
Both expos are non-union and all exhibitors can bring their sales demos and booth items directly into the venue. There are some karts for moving equipment in, but plan ahead and bring your own.  We do have a fork truck to help with large demos and AME pre-paid for this service so there is no forms or payment needed.  Try and be at the venue at 1 pm if you have a truck to unload, since we are paying by the hour.  When you arrive, there will be a packet on your booth table with more information on the wifi login, meal tickets, and such.  Your exhibit badge will be in this packet.  Keep your meal tickets, which are for the show day lunch. There is a cash concession stand open early and late at both locations for coffee or snacks. * NO FOOD AND DRINK ALLOWED IN EXPO, unless purchased inside.

Overnight in Novi we have security stationed in the room overnight but we recommend you bring sheets to cover demos. In Grand Rapids we lock the rooms.

Expo Day 

Opens at 7 am for the exhibitors and 8 am for the public. There is a cash concession stand open at 7am until 5 pm. No FOOD or DRINKS allowed into building. 

Meal tickets for Lunch:  Each booth with receive a max of 2 meal tickets in your packet.  Follow the yellow path way on the map below to access the food and lunch area.  Please have your ticket ready to present at the door.  We prefer that all exhibitor staff eat in the lunch area.  If you need a stand in sales person, mind a Industrial Control rep and they will work your booth while you eat if possible.  

Grand Rapids Food and Lunch Area:

food area highlighted for exhibitors.GIF

Novi Food and Lunch Area:

Tear down: is from 3 pm - 5 pm on expo days.

Again fork truck is free and ready.  Box up your demos and move out before 5 pm or there will be an extra charge.


Free parking at the Suburban Collection Showplace and Deltaplex.  Parking overnight at your own risk.  To unload, please drive to the north side of the Suburban and look for the loading docks.  We will have staff there in a black and gold shirt.

Lead generation software

Our software for Android and Apple, will allow you to scan badges and export them out from the cloud service at any time into an excel spreadsheet.  The badge itself only contains an ID of the attendee in the barcode, so will need the software or write leads down the old fashion way. Our staff will stop at every booth and double check the software and answer questions as needed. 

Exhibitor Private Parties

Life is short!  Enjoy a few hours with the other exhibitors on us!  

In Novi we have a bar and food rolled into the exhibit hall from 5 PM until 7 PM the night before the expo (Monday).  Your booth packet will include 2 drink tickets for this event IF you register.  There is a cash bar also.

In Grand Rapids, the exhibitor party is at the brand new New Holland Brewery downtown Grand Rapids in the building called the Nickerbocker.  We rented the entire second floor, so just walk in and straight upstairs.  We will have live music and our self driving robot on hand for fun.  You will receive 2 drink tickets in your exhibitor packet.  This is private from 5 PM until 7PM and then the second floor is open to the public, so you are welcome to stay with a cash bar.  You must be registered to attend the private times.


At the Novi venue, the Hyatt Hotel is onsite and your best option since we have a special rate and there is breakfast there in the morning.  We did not setup a hotel for Grand Rapids but we do list some options.  Parking is free at both venues regardless where you stay.  Click here for a list of hotels. 

Please hit the back key and repeat if registering more than one person on the form below.

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There will be a Fork Truck available for two hours for set-up and tear-down for both shows FREE OF CHARGE.