Are you working the booth at AME east or west?  
If so, this page is for you!

Exhibitors, please register for a badge to work the booth on the home page or below on the attend button. Select the location you're working and Make SURE THAT you select EXHIBITOR instead of attendee type registration.  If you are working both locations, select NOVI and you’re good for both.

You can have as many both workers as you want this year but only 2 meal tickets and party tickets apply. 

Shipping Demos

If you want to pre-ship demos to either venue, please review exhibitor manual for each event for details.  The Novi venue is handled by a company called Artcraft and Grand Rapids is handled by the Deltaplex.

We made arrangements with Artcraft for those exhibitors starting at Novi to store and transport their demos to Grand Rapids on Wednesday before 1 pm setup time. To order this service, please refer to the Novi Exhibitor Manual.  After the Grand Rapids show on Thursday, you can work with the Deltaplex to ship your demos back to your office.  See the GR Exhibitor Manual to order this.

Move in day

Start off by checking in and getting your exhibitor badge at registration.  Our staff will also help you setup the NEW lead generation system we created for 2019 (see below for more information).

Setup hours are from 1 pm - 5 pm and tear down is from 3 pm - 5 pm on expo days.
Both expos are non-union and all exhibitors can bring their sales demos and booth items directly into the venue. There are some carts for moving equipment in, but plan ahead and bring your own.  

We do have a fork truck to help with large demos and AME pre-paid for this service so there is no forms or payment needed.  Try and be at the venue at 1 pm if you have a truck to unload, since we are paying by the hour. 

There is a cash concession stand open early and late at both locations for coffee or snacks. * NO FOOD AND DRINK ALLOWED IN EXPO, unless purchased inside.

In Novi we have security stationed in the room overnight but we recommend you bring sheets to cover demos. In Grand Rapids there is no security but will lock up the facility. 

MAKE SURE you insure your products for lost, thief, or damage as the AME is not responsible for this.  The Suburban Collection Showplace and Deltaplex Arena also have explicit rules that bar them from responsibility.

Lead generation software

Our software for Android and Apple, will allow you to scan badges and export them out from the cloud service at any time into an excel spreadsheet.  The badge itself only contains an ID of the attendee in the barcode, so will need the software or write leads down the old fashion way. Our staff will stop at every booth and double check the software and answer questions as needed. 

Expo Day 

Doors open at 7 am for the exhibitors and 8 am for the public. There is a cash concession stand open at 7 am until 2 pm. No FOOD or DRINKS allowed into building.

Each booth should have received two on-site meal tickets during check in the day before.  Only ticketed exhibitors can attend this lunch.

Doors close at 3 pm for attendees.


Free parking at the Suburban Collection Showplace and Deltaplex.  Parking overnight at your own risk.  To unload, please drive to the north side of the Suburban and look for the loading docks.  We will have staff there in a black and gold shirt.

Tear down after expo

You have from 3 PM - 5 PM to tear down and be out of the venues or there will be a $100 per hour charge starting at 5:01 PM

We do have a fork truck to help with large demos.  Make sure your drivers are ready at 3 PM on the North side loading dock for each venue.  

 MAKE SURE you insure your products for lost, thief, or damage as the AME is not responsible for this.  The Suburban Collection Showplace and Deltaplex Arena also have explicit rules that bar them from responsibility.  Your staff is responsible for getting your demos on the truck so stay by your demo when the fork truck is loading.  No demo will be loaded with the fork truck without your staff there.

Exhibitor Private Parties

Life is short!  Enjoy a few hours with the other exhibitors on us!  

There will be a private exhibitor party the night before each event from 5 pm until 7 pm and you must register for these.  Each booth will receive 2 drink tickets per person with a max of 4 tickets per booth.  At the party there is a cash bar as well.

In Novi, the party is onsite in the courtyard.  In Grand Rapids, the exhibitor party will be held at The B.O.B. in downtown Grand rapids. Both parties are limited to the first 225 who register for the party. Novi Party Registration - Grand Rapids Party Registration.

Check the individual web page for the party you are attending for more information. Because of limited space at these events, IF YOU'RE NOT REGISTERED, you may not be able to get in.  Please be safe and make transportation plans if you plan on drinking.


At the Novi venue, the Hyatt Hotel is onsite which is your best option with a special rate and a free breakfast in the morning.  We do not have special rates in Grand Rapids, therefore refer to the list of hotels provided..  Click here for a list of hotels. 

If you have questions, please contact us.

Joe Teague 616-299-7610 or
Carrie Weighmink 616-931-1344