Bar Coding & Marking 109 - $295

1-Day Course: Thursday, January 19TH, 2017 from 9AM - 3PM

Location: Industrial Control in Zeeland, MI

Bagels & Lunch Included


Attendees will learn about 1D and 2D bar code reader technology for decoding symbols and verifying their quality.  Bar coder marking considerations for various surfaces will be covered.

Who Should Attend

Those who need to analyze code quality and take action to solve code problems.  All aspects of this technology will be discussed including target areas, various readers, and how to select the most optimum equipment based on the application.


Topics Covered

  • Different styles of bar coding
  • Anatomy of a bar code
  • Mill sizes
  • Types of Readers
  • Direct part marking vs labels
  • Grading and standards
  • Deployment


About the Instructor

Mr. Mark Ermatinger will have the Freedom to tweak each session to the specific needs of the students.  He also has the in-depth knowledge to address control engineer’s toughest questions because he works in the real world of emerging industrial factory automation every day.