3-D Laser Measurement 107 - $295

1-Day Course: Thursday, January 12th, 2017 From 9AM - 3PM

Location: Industrial Control in Zeeland, MI

Bagels & Lunch Included

Purpose of Training

Attendees will about the emerging technology of 3-D laser measurement that use pre-calibrated ready-to-measure instruments.  Features such as holes, studs, surface points, edges, clips, gaps, and flushness can be easily measured.  Centralized database using SPC software for gauging 3D points using CAD overlays will be presented.

Who Should Attend

Individuals that intend to apply machine vision measurement systems that reduce the manufacturing scrap losses.  Learn the latest of what is available to capture 3-D point clouds that are extremely accurate.  This course develops a path for developing a custom machine-vision measurement systems.  Laptop Computers are required.  


Topics Covered

  • 3-D Machine Vision
  • SPC Software
  • Gauging 3-D point clouds
  • CAD Overlay Gauging
  • Centralized Data Bases
  • Full integration with PLCs
  • Reporting dimensional results
  • Robot Guidance & positioning
  • Conceiving system needs


About the Instructor

Mr. Ira Greenberg of Bluewrist Robot and Vision Solutions will has the freedom to tweak each session to the specific needs of the students.  He is vision consultant with in-depth knowledge to address control engineer’s toughest questions.  He works in the real world of robotic and laser vision systems every day.