Post show Exhibitor Survey to help direct our 2016 EXPO

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Check all that apply. If we have an expo in Novi, MI we would setup on Monday afternoon, show on Tuesday the 8th. Grand Rapids would setup on Wednesday and show on Thursday 10th,
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Please rank these questions...
How successful was the show for you?
Tech Talks' are important to the Expo?
Is it an important to offer a basic lunch attendees?
NEW added Expo Hours the night before is worthwhile?
How do you feel about the private party at Founders Brewery for Exhibitors and Special guest?
How do you feel about the Golf outing to raise money for First Robotics?
Should we open up the expo to anyone that serves our market and get another 100 booths?
Our budget was $80,000 this year, should we spend more in 2017?
Should we try and get a big speaker like the Governor?
Should we alternate the expo between GR and Novi every other year?
Can we use any of this for marketing in 2017?